Tips for 1st Timer

New experience. Gain Knowledge. Become Involved.

The CFLA National Conference is a two day event that occurs once a year. This event is meant for all the Association members and non-members in the Asset Finance and Leasing industry to network and enhance their knowledge in the field. The conference consists of many workshops and sessions that update, inform, and educate everyone in the industry with issues that are currently occurring. 


This year we are hosting the conference in Vancouver, BC. The event will take place from Wednesday, September 18, 2019 until Thursday, September 19, 2019. If this is your first time attending you should definitely attend the Welcome Reception.  Here you will get an opportunity to meet and network with the top leaders in the industry.


We have created a list of "how to make the best out of the conference" experience.

Before the Conference:  

  1. Plan ahead - Look ahead at the schedule for the conference. Take a look at the different types of speakers, sessions/workshops, and topics that would interest you. You can find the conference schedule under Event Details -> Conference Program.
  2. Network - Ask someone in a more senior position at your company or someone that has previously been to the conference to give you some ideas as to what to attend and who you should network with. Make sure to have an introduction of yourself ready for networking purposes
  3. Business cards - Make sure to bring a lot of business cards. When networking or meeting new peers it is always a bonus to have your business card ready. You don't want to be searching for a piece a paper and pen at the last minute. Remember always have your business cards on you.

At the Conference:

  1. Attend Sessions/Workshops - Make sure to take a thorough look through the conference program. See what all sessions that will be available. Try something that may be not in your field 
  2. Network - When you are not attending sessions, don't miss the opportunity to catch up with your colleagues and meet new people. Make sure to always have your business cards with you. Also, collect cards from those you meet and follow up with them later in the meeting. 

    If you have promised to send them something after the meeting, make a note of it on their card and remember to do so.


After the Conference

  1. Time to reflect - Were you able to meet your goals? Take the time after the conference has resumed to write down a summary of what you experience and learned.  
  2. Take the survey - Your feedback is the best tool that will help us  make improvements for the future.  If there’s something you especially liked or wish had been different, let us know.
  3. Follow up - Send a follow-up email as soon as possible after the conference to anyone with whom you would like to stay in contact. If there were sessions that interested you and that you missed, contact us by e-mail and request copies of their slides